Receipt printer WIFI setting

(V3.2C print test tool) download: http://www.kidesion.com/driver.html

(80mm receipt printer Driver) download: http://www.kidesion.com/driver.html  or

Or https://www.xprintertech.com/drivers-2

1,Pls make sure  PC connect to wifi router. Using usb data cable connect to PC and printer,and turn on the printer , From website download Xprinter V3.0C tools ,and open it ,setting the printer ip as a ip in Wireless LAN.

For example : the printer default ip is,  and the wireless LAN ip is 192.168.1.X ,  we can  set the printer ip change to ,  a ip in wireless lan .

Note: WIFI name cannot have special characters, such as "_,* = &,%." etc

Click Advanced ->SetNet ,  input the printer ip ,NetMask ,Gateway, and wifi setting ( SSID,wifi password), last click the set above contents button.  Now the printer ip is ,a ip in the LAN .

Can let printer print selftest,see the printer ip (press “feed” key ,and turn on the printer power ,wait about 2 seconds,when the red error light light , then loose hand .the printer will print selftest .

Step2.set wifi printer ip port .

1,Install the printer dirver ,after finish the driver installed.

2,Find Control panel - > device and printer, Right-click - > printer properties,

Click add port,choose “standard TCP/IP port” , ->”new port” and input the printer ip , ,

Now can on the PC using wifi print .

The driver can download from official website

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