How to setting Ethernet printer

Problem :

the IP of the printer is,  Our LAN ip is 192.168.2.XXX  ,  how using the pritner in Our LAN ?


1, your netwrok range is 192.168.2 .X , first we need let printer ip default ( ,changed to a ip (192.168.2.xxx) in your netwrok range . first down the setting tool, the link below

http://www.kidesion.com/en/download/Xprinter-test-tool.html   or http://www.poskeytech.com/html/Application/ , download the NO.2

2, find a Ethernet cable directly connect to printer and your PC ( Don't go through a router or hub) , the printer default ip , now let your pc ip setting 192.168.123.X , now the printer and PC's IP ,It belongs to the same network segment, now can using the tools setting .

3,For example , set printer ip changed to , like below

after setting the  printer ip , you can let the printer print selfttest , can checked the printer IP whether is

Last  then can put the pritner your LAN ,   on the  PC  install the driver  , then can using the printer print .


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