420B Barcode printer WIFI setting

1, download the setting tool : Diagnostic Tool1.028b


2, download the barcode software on Mobile.: Xlabel

the driver  for mac or  windows , can download at official website

Click  and download : Office webiste  driver

WIFI Mode  description
1. AP mode:
That is, the wireless access point is a central node of a wireless network, WIFI name: XP-420B, password: 12345678,

On AP mode ,  after printer and mobile connected ,  then can print from Xlabel app on mobile

let the printer print sefltest . like this

wifi AP ip : ,  wifi name: XP-420B,  password : 12345678

in the mobile , choose WIFI 420B and connecting .

in the APP on mobile , input the printer ip :  , then can print from mobile via WIFI AP mode

2:Static IP

STA mode: that is, a wireless station is a terminal of a wireless network. In this mode, the 420B printer is equivalent to a wireless terminal, and can communicate with other wireless terminals through a common wireless network to achieve communication printing

using USB Cable connect to PC and printer .  open the tool Diagnostic Tool1.023b,

(Note: Diagnostic Tool  only run on windows ,  not support mac system  and Linux . so  if your PC is  mac system or linux ,  need find a windows system  PC first and using the Diagnostic Tool setting the wifi ,ip information)

1, choose the interface :  default  is usb port .

2,printer status : get status ,  if  changed to green ,  the printer is working

3 Get data .

setting sata IP ,  and

Configure WIFI , choose wifi name and input wifi  passwrod .  click  " conn" buttong ,  and click " set" button .

let the printer print seftest .

the Static IP ,changed to

in the APP ,  input  the printer  sata ip  and connecting.


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