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How to setting 420B Ethernet interface printer

when you received the printer , There is only one indicator light on the network port interface, and the self-test prints out that the IP address is all  In fact , the printer is no problem .

now setting  the Ethernet  interface IP .

Download   DIAGNOSTIC tool   ( )

using USB cable  connect  printer and  PC,   and turn on the printer

get Data from Printer .

when click  (Configuration page) ,

printer will print Configuration page

Default  ip,  Gate way:

NOW  if your LAN Gateway  is  ,  for example ,set  the printer ip  is

Click  Ethernet Setup button .

after Set IP ,  print Configuration page  again

now Printer ip setting success .

after install the 420b driver  on PC,   (Device and Printer - "XP-420B-> Printer Properties -> Port -" Add the IP of the printe )  

 then can PRINT  using Ethernet  interface


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